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Info about Volunteering

Welcome to Con of the North!

We are happy that you are interested in volunteering. Being a part of the team that puts on the area's premiere gaming convention will give you a feeling of accomplishment and achievement. Con of the North is an all-volunteer organization, so volunteering is the best way for you to contribute to the way the convention is run. Not only will volunteering give you valuable experience with management, people skills, organization and creativity, you will also meet new people and have fun!

We want to make it easy for you to fit in. We want you to find the best way to use your unique talents and skills to contribute in the areas that interest you. To help you along, this page contains basic information about how the convention operates and answers commonly asked questions.

There will probably be some questions you have that this page does not address. Feel free to attend any meeting, talk to any volunteer, or ask about the details of anything until you get the answers you are after. Each and every one of us at Con of the North wants you to enjoy volunteering, and we also want you to feel at home.

Con of the North is:

  • A non-profit, all volunteer convention by gamers for gamers.
  • Devoted to the greater gaming community committed to providing the best possible forum for gamers to develop their community and network.
  • The sum total of all its volunteers - including you!

Also look at About Con of the North which gives more information about us.

Ways You Can Get Involved

Go to Meetings
The best way to get involved at Con of the North is to use the Timeline to find meetings that are about things you're interested in and go to them. Once there, you'll be surprised how easy it is to start contributing.
Contact Membership
The folks at Membership can help you decide what you'd like to do, tell you where it's being done, and make introductions to help you fit in easier. The head of Membership is happy to answer questions. The best way to contact the head of Membership is by emailing info@conofthenorth.org (see the list of officers on the About Con of the North page).
Contact Department Heads
If you feel like you want to work in a particular division of Con of the North, it's a good idea to contact the Magnetron Council member or department head who runs that division. They will be happy to tell you about upcoming projects and will give you ideas about where you can best contribute to the convention. You can find contact information for Magnetron Council members and department heads under the list of officers on the About Con of the North page.
Go to Con of the North Parties
A fun way to meet people and connect with the convention is to attend one of the many Con of the North parties. Once there, you can talk to the people who run the convention in a casual setting. They'll help you get a better idea of how things work. You just might have some fun while you see what Con of the North is all about.
Get on a Committee
Many volunteers have gotten involved at Con of the North by working on a committee to accomplish a specific goal. Committees are formed quickly, and disband once they accomplish their goal, so they are a good way to try many things.

Remember: Con of the North is a cooperative organization that relies on volunteer communication. If you never contact anyone it will be hard for them to help!

How the Convention Operates

The Magnetron Council is a group of seven volunteers elected yearly to oversee the various departments of the convention. They act as a final authority on proposals that affect the whole convention. All proposals that go before the Council must be written and all decisions about those proposals are made by the voting membership present at the meeting.

This does not mean that the Magnetron Council makes all the decisions or micromanages the work of every volunteer. The various departments have tremendous leeway in accomplishing their goals and completing their projects. The departments are able to projects and address problems in any way they see fit. The only time they need to involve the Council is when their project affects the whole convention in some way. Most decisions never go before the Council and are left up to the various departments of Con of the North.

Convention Departments

Some of the departments changed for 2018. Here's the updated listing:

  • Administration
    • Oversees scheduling, agendas and minutes for Council meetings
    • Updates and adherence to management of timeline
    • Organization of Conwork parties and social activities
    • Archives/history of the Con
    • Database
    • Monitor other department functions
  • Finance
    • Incoming and outgoing funds
    • Reporting, budgeting, projections
    • PayPal Administrator
  • Operations
    • Onsite activities during the convention
    • Setup and take down of convention
    • Hotel liaison
    • Process attendee registration and event ticket requests
    • Reporting/statistics
  • Marketing
    • Promotion of the Convention
    • Promotional items (t-shirts/dice/etc.)
    • Social media (publicity)
    • Vendor liaison
    • Process vendor registration requests
  • Programming
    • Process event proposals
    • Layout of event space and tables
    • Assignment of events to time slots and locations
    • Judge liaison
  • Publications
    • Production of all print materials including events books
    • Coordination of mailings
    • Advertisement requests
    • Website
    • Social media (general messaging)
    • Email communications
  • Membership
    • Membership/volunteer/attendee liaison
    • Redirecting questions to appropriate departments (support request position)
    • Onsite volunteers and scheduling
    • Social media (engagement)
    • Tracking Voting Membership eligibility

There are many other divisions and committees that make up Con of the North. For more information, talk to the Marketing Magnetron.

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